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The Medallion of Miraculous Manifestation M3, is of spiritual origin and is a concentrated focus of Logos energy that operates and controls the entire Universe. This Energy is always active, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one to be focused on it or not. Its use is very practical and can be used in healing, protection, or statement of any thing you want for yourself or others. Its applications are limitless, and it is a great source of energy and elevated patterns of Creation, manifesting Perfection in the whole Universe.. Thousands of people have been able to experience the many Blessings that come to use the Medallion of Miraculous Manifestation. Read more

The Auric Aura Device® is an energy healing device that can be helpful, since it is a tool of highly concentrated healing energy. Allows the healer concentrate healing energies in a very specific location. The ADD provides a beam of highly focused etheric energy that can be used to clear energy blockages in the body and in the aura of a person, so that healing can occur. Read more